Sunday, November 24, 2013

IVF in the Medically Complicated Patient pdf

IVF in the Medically Complicated Patient

Author: Nicholas Macklon
Edition: 1
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Binding: Kindle Edition

IVF in the Medically Complicated Patient: A Guide to Management

There is a unique set of circumstances affecting treatment for every patient involved in assisted reproduction, and those with pre-existing medical conditions, or those receiving medical therapies that may impact on the safety and success of their IVF treatment, are particularly challenging. Medical books IVF in the Medically Complicated Patient. Medical books .

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Medical Book IVF in the Medically Complicated Patient

Providing a concise but authoritative source of information to aid clinicians in this important field, this book covers management options for patients with a range of pre-existing diseases and conditions that can impact on the risk and outcomes of IVF treatment. Readily accessible and easy to use, the book also concludes with a helpful chapter on counselling patients who consistently fail to conceive. With expert contributions from leaders in the field, this is a much-needed, innovative resource for clinicians working in IVF and Infertility Units, and for physicians managing patients with systemic disease who are undergoing IVF.

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